The Young Musicians Foundation  (YMF) was  founded in 1984 by the late community benefactor, Dr. Walter F. Hellmich of Englewood, CO for the sole purpose of helping young musicians across Colorado.  Although an architect by profession, Dr. Hellmich was a dedicated violinist by avocation and he believed that young musicians pursuing a professional performance career in classical music must combine exceptional talent and the right opportunities to perform, in order to assure success on the concert stage. With no paid staff, YMF devotes 95% of its operations budget to assisting the state's most promising young classical musicians.  


The Young Musicians Foundation (YMF) strives to identify the most talented young Colorado classical musicians and help them pursue their dreams of a career in classical music.  The Foundations broad spectrum of support offers career development stipends (based on age) for needs as extra training beyond basic lessons and education, such as summer festivals, institutes and seminars, stage performances and out-of-state competitions, prestigious master classes, solo recitals, travel expenses, accompanist and audition fees, instrument upgrade costs and career counseling.  YMF has supported over 130 musically gifted young Coloradans.


Kip Wallen, Chair

Stephanie Moore, Treasurer

Denise Johnson, Secretary

Dolores Meader, Historian

Aaron Perdue, Artist Relations

Alex Raab, Artist Relations

Lorin Reiter, Publicity

Elizabeth-Ann Rowlison, Concerts

Anne Wright, Development


John Legg